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Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore | Book Review

Arjun Singh Rathore treats all of us with a stupendous book of his 'Agent A', which takes us on a roller coaster ride in the world of Arjun, a school boy, and his secret mission with CBI. A well-drawn world of robots, spaceships, and that James Bond like feel...what more could be asked from such a young author from DPS. Enjoy it and pass a word of mouth for him.

Book Reviews

One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala | Book Review

An immaculately written novel, soaked in the beauty of South India. Poleru is just a village in the plot line but it is culturally packed, something else. It could remind you the days of Malgudi or R.K. Narayan's other novels. The conflict of intentions build the narration of the novel. Renu, the school girl, is looking forward to save her village by launching a protest. It progresses step by step, so the story unfolds with its intriguing characters and intentions.